THE DRAKERS | Серия 6 | весь эпизод | Анимационный Сериал Для Детей | Русский Язык

Chris and Fabri are two young “Formula Kids” drivers and compete in championship for the Drakers team. As they are in the kids section, Chris and Fabri drive their cars through the X-Racer, a kind of “capsule” inside which they sit and drive from distance. Thanks to their X-Tab, Chris and Fabri can communicate to their racing cars and travel through space to easily reach the races locations all over the world. Their mission is not only to become champions; they will also have to rescue the “official” driver of the Drakers’ team, who disappeared at the beginning of their adventures, and another task of their main mission is to find the XRall, a basic component for their cars..
Фантастический канал полон волшебных мультфильмов. Анимация со всего мира, тысячи эпизодов, бесконечные приключения! Заходите и подписывайтесь на наш канал!
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